Free falling – pushing past fear

Let’s talk about fear. So, in Copenhagen we have an amusement park called Tivoli – and whilst I was minding my own business, looking at the pretty Christmas decorations last December, I was dared to try a ride called the Golden Tower. It’s sixty three meters tall, you’re slowly lifted in the air, kept in suspense for what feels like an eternity, and before you can say a prayer, you’re drop back to the ground within a few seconds. . . From sixty three meters. After looking at the person that dared me to get on the ride with a blank “don’t even think about it” face. . . I got on the ride. . . scared out of my mind, I got on it and I’m pretty sure that my friend went deaf for a bit – but after the trauma. . . yes trauma, I felt free. Everything in me didn’t feel ready to confront that fear that would expose my vulnerability, but I did it anyways. Fear doesn’t go away by you suppressing it, if anything it grows. View Post

Photography by Daniel Overbeck